Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Nothing Can Describe

I saw in the newspaper today an advert for Channel 4's program on Torture and Guantanamo Bay. I told one of my mates and he watched it from the start. I started watching half way through it and was uphalled and shocked at the methods and means of torture that are used in Guantanamo. It was horrifying to watch. They had 7 volunteers who volunteered themselves to undergo the kinds of torture that are used at the Naval Base there. It was disgusting. Forced nudity. Planted objects. The level of stress was so high that in under 24 hours one person had to leave. Only 4 made it through and it was only a few days long (48 hours I think only). And the methods that were used were milder than those used in Guantanamo Bay. They also used sensory deprivation where they were blindfolded placed in a room with headphones playing whit noise for hours on end. In Guantanamo it can be done for up 18 hours. They only did 2 in the show. It has been proven that after about 40 minutes people start to hallucinate. The one time the man was placed in a forced very uncomfortable looking position naked in the cell with sensory deprivation and cold air blowing on him. They was also forced shaving, forced positions that I know from doing Yoga (keeping ones legs up off the ground by several centimetres while laying down is 1 incredibly hard and becomes painful after more than 15 seconds of holding it and one man had to hold it for several minutes. He couldn't do it and got yelled at because of it. The things that were done are horrifying. Even the men who went into the simulation thinking torture should be allowed couldn't possibly imagine it working or believing in it. They couldn't imagine it even for the worst of criminals and they thought that any evidence gained by them would certainly be wrong since people would want to say things about the other people just so that they might be rewarded. People would be desperate and make up lies. It is a terribly inhuman thing that violates all morals held to be true and good of a "Western" world and breaks many international treaties. We need to tell our Congress people to do something about it. To take a stance and officially outlaw it!

may we have peace in our world

- neal


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