Monday, February 28, 2005

The Rest of Weekend and I Promise

I promise to include my thoughts from while I was hiking the trail in Wales on that Saturday. Basically I went for the walk walked a ways in the mud. Got to a cool spot with the bridge thats certainly in some pictures and then as I said before was going to try and eat at the Pub there but they were not serving food so I walked back as it got darker and darker (eventually very dark). And realised where the real trail was so I took it back to the M named town that I can no longer spell correctly. And I then took the train back into Cardiff went to the Hostel and talked with Gui for a little while then we went up to our room talked some more and went to bed.

So My thoughts while I was sitting on the fence post/gate thingy that somehow kept the animals in or out depending upon what side you are on and which side belongs to you and me :) (good old Woody Guthrie).

So what I wrote is:
I'm sitting by the book on a fence post thingie, thinking of writing about my time here. The gate has barbed wire by it making me think an animal might come to greet me from one side of the other son. [yes I know that makes no sense but I'm typing it word for word.] so I am on constant lookout for one. so far I'm still here and alive. Seen some ducks and birds (mallards and something on the order of a heron). I hear the birds and the water and I realize [how terrible of me to spell it American style] how beautiful life is when its cool and damp or raing [raining]. I am supposed to be on some trail but I'm not sure if I am still on it or not. I really haven't seen the structures it sounded like I might [the map showing them that is] but that is just as well because now I get to see the water. When was the last time you went outside Sat, and just wrote. This kind of reminds me of going to Springbrook a long time ago to sit by the stream. Well must get going the rain seems its starting again.

So that is my brief thoughts from sitting there.

The next day Sunday I had the same jam and toast breakfast, but I think I also had a fruit because the girl I had went up with on the train had forgotten her food. Sunday I went to Mass in the morning then met Gui at the National Museum. After looking at a lot of art and some celtic ruin things we walked to the Bay and Went in the old Norweigian Church and the Oddly Shaped Visitor Centre. When this was finished we headed back up towards the hostel. We took the river route on the way home and since the hostel was close to the river we went there talked for abit and then I got my luggage from behind the counter and headed to the bus stop to find a really crowded Double Decker Bus. I said my goodbyes to Gui and then I got on and the bus returned me to my home away from home (London). So there you go its finally finished. It is now 6 March and I went on a day trip to Cambridge which was really awesome!

Ill have to write more about it and Scotland soon.

- neal


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